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Part 2 - The Wabansia Loft Story

Where did we leave off? Thurston fell in love with a "hot property" featured on Curbed Chicago that the entire city wanted. We won the bidding war, finalized his loan and come closing day Thurston was officially a home owner.

Now what you ask?

Like every other buyer Thurston and I visited the condo many times before closing but the unit was always beautifully staged. Then came moving day and the condo turned from a gorgeous warm idea of a home into an empty blank space. It was now Thurston's job to convert this property back into the home he fell in love with. Furnishing a home is always a complicated process. Making a space your own is fun but most find it overwhelming.

We all move from home to home and accumulate favorite mismatched pieces that we vow to make work in our new spaces. Then with a first time home buyer comes the second vow I hear with every single buyer... "I bought a home, I guess I need adult furniture now." And so we go from store to store looking for the right pieces. We bring them home, move them around sixteen times until we find the right corner or wall to place each piece. Then comes painting walls, hanging art and then finally, organizing everything we've been carrying from home to home claiming we can't live without (*cough* *cough* mom's armchairs from the basement) .

Somewhere along the way, life happens and the first home we buy becomes the very place we experience so many more first's. Thurston and his condo were no different: an engagement, the very tedious creation of an accent gallery wall, appliance shopping and of course a wedding, Well Mr. and Mrs. Booth - you sure did make this girl (we decided the loft was a girl) into a beautiful first home for your little family.

Fast forward 4 years and all three of us meet again to discuss our pretty little loft at an Irish pub downtown. Part 3 to come...

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