Who I am for YOU??
Your all-in-one realtor!

Whether you're renting, you're a first time home buyer, you're selling or buying an investment property - a real estate transaction involves a ton of people, is one of the (if not, THE) largest purchase/sale of your life and an emotional roller coaster even for the most seasoned vets. It's a big, scary experience with a ton on the line. But when you break it all it comes to three thing...

YES  NO   

1. Good long term financial decision?

2. Can you create your home based on your budget?

3. Will you be able to make your decisions while staying within your own guidelines and limitations?

1. Good long term financial decision?

2a. (BUYER) Will this place feel like home?

2b. (SELLER) Can someone else see themselves calling

your home their own?

3. Will you be able to keep a level head if 50% of the people involved are playing for the other team?



To my future clients,

I've got you! With 5 years under my belt I've seen and experienced it all. I myself was broke and living with roommates desperately trying to make a "square peg" rental fit into my "round hole" of design goals. I hold a special place in my heart and business for my renters! I sold the new construction, shiny turn key ready, properties for over two years. I've been a first time home buyer and "fixer upper" guru for both clients and myself! And to come full circle, my first time home buyers have become first time sellers with me, as have my clients with 3000+ sq ft empty nests become first time landlords. 

From Lincolnshire...
to real estate!

My journey into real estate wasn't the traditional. (Although is there a traditional route to real estate? Mhhh, I digress...) I graduated high school in one of the most sought after communities in the north suburbs of Chicago. I went on to study architecture at a world renowned design school created by arguably the father of modern architecture. My path seemed already predetermined. I would graduate college, I would go on to work at a top architecture firm in Chicago and I would design beautiful buildings and homes to fill my favorite city streets. 

Reality check - I couldn't (and still can't) sit at a computer for 10 hours a day. This made college hard and working in an architecture firm, impossible. Unless I could fast forward my life 30 years, jump over all the corporate ladder climbing and grunt work, I wasn't going to be designing anything directly with clients and running from meeting to meeting for a VERY long time. I was going to be sitting at a desk drawing, I wasn't going to be hearing people. 

I quickly learned that PEOPLE and their NEED for creating spaces that hugged them, entertained them, excited them and comforted them was and has always been my sweet spot. That is a need I, in my heart of hearts, understand. And so, I sat on the steps of one of the greatest modern buildings ever built (Crown Hall, google it!) 2 months before graduation, looked at a friend and said, I belong in real estate. 


"I've never sold a house, but I asked Michaela to list my condo in Chicago because she was my agent when we bought and has a lot of local knowledge for all of Chicago land.  I think selling is more stressful than buying a house, but she put a lot of work into our listing and the open houses.  Then once we went under contract, she really stayed on top of the buyer's agent, the attorneys and made sure we continued to move forward throughout the process.  As I mentioned, at times it was stressful like any real estate transaction, but not only was Michaela responsive, but she was very professional in getting everyone on the same page to get us through closing. I would highly recommend her for your buying OR selling real estate needs.” 


—  T.P., seller

—  T.P., seller