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2023 Design Trends

As the sun re-enters our Chicago lives, I think we all start looking around our home and thinking, “hmm what should I do?” Spring rain leads to lots of cleaning and decluttering. Now, you’re ready for a fresh perspective on your home. With this new energy I thought it might be helpful to run through some trends that are making a statement this year. One big disclaimer – I only give trends that have longevity. Our homes are where we cuddle up and feel safe. They are also a financial investment. Fast trends are no good for the wallet, and therefore do not live in the MG Home Chicago portfolio.

Let’s start with colors. In general, fashion and interiors tend to transform and evolve together.

As fashion is reliving it’s 1990’s moment, a true historian knows these trends originated in the 1970s.

The 1970’s was marked with warm wood tones, earthy browns and greens, burnt oranges and soft floral pinks. Think “That 70’s Show.” Take the neon yellow/green carpet an

d furniture colors from the Forman family’s living room and give it a 21st century modern and less abrasive update: less bold, less neon and used in smaller quantities.

Dining rooms are a great place to start with the colors we just discussed and make a fun statement. The times of formal dining rooms is in the past.

Our homes are more fun now, an expression of ourselves rather than a show for others. Use your own vibrancy to create magic in your dining space. Banquette seating has really joined the conversation in a big way. Dining rooms are a place to gather, relax and enjoy time together. Add the pillows, add the eclectic art or slightly chaotic flowers. Your dining room is no longer invite only, it’s a place that calls everyone together, just like the kitchen.

As we move to the kitchen, things get a little contentious. All white everything is out but a lot of people are holding on tight to the clean look. The compromise is a conscious decision to move away from mass open shelving and hide all the clutter behind big, beautiful cabinets.

As with our general color trends, a warmer toned cabinet will start to feel more inviting and less sterile. Since white and bright is still a favorite for a lot of people, color or wood toned accents can help return your kitchen to the gathering space it was intended to be, rather than a perfect, ultra-modern, commercial feeling, clean slate.

And lastly, the room we love to take some liberties with – the bathroom. A powder room is, and has always been, an excellent place for a strong bold statement. The room is small and off to the side typically.

It can speak its own language and speak it loudly. Textured tiles, handmade mosaics, natural discoloration in stone is the vibe. This can be loud and exciting choice in the powder room and toned down and meditative version in the primary bath. Big tubs, rich natural wood and more organic textures will create a spa like atmosphere. This room will be the relaxation we all so desperately crave after a long day.

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