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2414 W Iowa #2

Updated: May 17, 2020

Since we are in the midst of a pandemic, how we buy and sell real estate has changed. Rather than spending a weekend walking through a neighborhood popping into open houses then wandering to a nearby restaurant to grab lunch, we all have had to adjust to looking online and from our own couches to try and decide which home is best.

I've shot the attached video to try and make that experience a little simpler. I walk through this newly listed condo myself, pointing out the new additions and the quirks that make it unique. My client's have loved living both in Ukrainian Village and in this condo specifically. With their little one almost ready for school, they have their eyes set on the suburbs. We hope this video helps you envision yourself calling this condo home without yet stepping inside, since Mayer Lightfoot told us all to #stayhome.

This home has had a lot of renovations over the last 5 years since my client's have owned it (and a couple just before they moved in). We wanted to paint as clear of a picture of the bones of the unit in addition to it's beautiful interior. Unit comes with an indoor garage parking space, storage room (3'x5' with normal ceiling height) and shared roof rights to the garage rooftop deck. This is shared with the first floor neighbor. Just a slight modification to the back stair railing and a bridge installation and you can have access to the garage deck. See the attached picture for an in depth explanation of all the updates and renovations that have taken place.

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