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My forever love letter to renters...

This week I was approached by a fellow business owner preparing for a panel she was going to be on. The topic was discussing the importance of a strong relationship between marketing and professional selling. My answer was and will always be - a love letter to my renters. I thought it was only fair I finally wrote the love letter into internet forever-dom.

Why love a smaller paycheck?

Historically realtors focus on renters in the beginning of their career. They use the renters to build a base clientele and as their business grows they move on to bigger fish: buyers and seller. Here is what I don't understand, and I'll put it into human terms, instead of business ones. My renters have been by friends, referrals, neighbors, high school buddies, and coffee shop line holders. I meet renters everywhere and on a daily basis. These people have become staples in my life and relationships I really value both for work and personal life. Do these rentals cover my monthly bills? No. Do these rentals build and nurture relationships that are important to me? YES. Why would I refer them to someone else?! Doing rentals is how I built my business, and I cannot turn my back on the little guys. To become big, we all have to be little at some point. I'd rather build relationships with my renters over years and years and grow with them. When they are ready to buy, I don't have to fight with the other realtors in the area. I've been this groups realtor for years and its no question I'll be their realtor for the biggest purchase of their lives - they trust me. And I trust them.

Dear renters, I need you, and you need me!

The city market is tough for renters just as it is for buyers. The competition is high on the affordable units. Rents are sky high downtown and in the top surrounding neighborhoods with accessible public transportation. Spring and summer months always have multiple applications on a rental. I take it personal if my clients fall in love with a home and can see themselves living there. I take it personally when my renters want a property. It's this investment and willingness to be creative that helps us win these multiple offer situations. Luxury rental buildings are a whole other overwhelming obstacle. The city has no central list of these buildings. These buildings use this to their advantage and try to not allow renters to negotiate pricing. The renter's lack of knowledge is used against them. Thankfully I spend my time getting to know the sales teams at these buildings. And, I spend me time finding ways to negotiate.

To my renters,

I love you. I see you. I know you've worked hard for your money and I want you to be able to find and create your perfect home. Let's do it together. It'll be so much better with an ally on your team.

Your forever realtor!

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