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Prepping to Sell

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

We've lived through two years of real estate mania. The world is changing, and in my opinion, it’s a good thing. We will likely still have an inventory problem (depending on your town/zip code) but as rates remain around 6%, some buyers are also priced out of the homes they could afford just a few years ago. Welcome to a more balanced market. Now both sellers and buyers have to come to the table with their best foot forward.

How do you show up as the best seller you can be? Get your property ready!

In 2018 I started describing the best marketed homes as “Instagram-able”. Think of an Instagram model. They are poised, put together, trendy and always very relatable. When getting your house ready for sale – we have the same goals. If your home is prepped properly, staged in a modern and relatable way, and photographed ready for Instagram (or a brochure/internet listing), you’ll be one step closer to a signed contract with a buyer.

Here are some tangible steps to take:


This means clean surfaces. Your kitchen counter shouldn’t have more than 3-5 items on it depending on size. Show off your counter space, pack up appliances. Tastefully stage bookshelves- pack away nick knacks- especially personal ones. Your vacation shot glasses will have their moment at your next housewarming- this is not it.

Paint and Clean

Are the corners of your walls full of paint chips? Is there one spot of drywall that you patched a year ago and never got to painting? Now’s the time. Scuff marks on the walls are a minor issue that all buyers comment on. A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and an afternoon of elbow grease can solve all of these issues. Your goal is to have a buyer notice the extra tall ceiling height in the living room, not that your 4-year-old really loves her pink crayon on the walls. And finally, if you want to make me, your realtor, very happy; let’s address the trim at the base of your walls. Cleaning your walls but leaving your trim grimy is like writing an excellent essay for AP English and turning it in on a crumpled piece of paper with a small coffee stain. I believe in us. We can do better!


This is an easy one, but people always mess it up. Realtors always turn on every light in your house when showing it. Please, please, please coordinate the light bulbs tones. If a fixture needs 3 bulbs, make all 3 bulbs the same color tone!! Extra credit goes to the sellers that follow the light bulb guide below for each room in their home.

Room has a moody vibe: use a soft or warm white colored light. Go for an Edison bulb if the fixture has exposed bulbs.

Room is flooded with high rise sunshine: use natural white colored bulbs

DO NOT use: cool white bulbs!! (unless you are selling a warehouse).

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