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I'm Michaela...
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- all things in between - 

My journey into the world of "home" began when I was very young. I used my own room to shelter myself from a world I did not understand and circumstances I was far too young to face. My room was my shelter. I designed it and redesigned it with every changing year that passed. (I later went on to sell that room and that house. More on that in a bit!)

Shelter is one of the four basic human needs. Feeling comfortable, safe and at peace in your home is a must. I've made it my mission to help every client get to that result, all while helping my first time home buyers to my long time investors achieve their financial goals.

With a decade of knowledge in both the ART of creating home and the CRAFT of finding home, MG Home Chicago is your one stop shop. I've taken a degree in architecture in one hand and a real estate license in the other, and have made it my goal to have you sipping something yummy (you pick your poison) in your brand new living room or with a nice paycheck in your pocket.

The suburbs first, and then the city - I've been in love with this town since birth. Chicago and it's beautiful suburbs encompass the most amazing city to call home. Let me help you make that dream come true!

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The benefit to being a home town girl is I know A LOT of people in this city! It may be a big city, but it's a small town once you're in it.

Let me be your ONE STOP SHOP!

You need a mover? 

   -I've got one.

A reservation at the newest restaurant?

   -I probably used to work with the 

    manager in my hospitality days.

You've got out of town friends visiting and you want to show them the best of Chicago summer's?

   -There's a boat and a captain            waiting for you guys at Diversey harbor!

I'm in LOVE with this doormat! You want one? Shoot me an email. 

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