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Investment Properties

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Over the last few years second homes and vacation homes have been a hot topic. I’ve had client’s buying second properties in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida and Chicago city condos. Covid made people re-evaluate how they live, what they live for and what is most important to them. The outdoors have become essential to people’s happiness once again.

In 2016 my sister and I inherited a purchase contract to build a condo in Belize. I wasn’t ready for this project when it fell in my lap but I was determined. I suddenly had an investment property at 25 years old. I worked on this condo for years. This was a true labor of grit, love, determination, and just sheer will power. Now in 2023, 4 years after its completion, it runs as an Airbnb investment property for my sister and I, bringing in a monthly paycheck. It has doubled in value compared to its construction costs. It has views that can make the coldest heart melt into happiness. I will be writing a post about Belize, island life, investment properties and the wealth growth potential in the coming weeks. For now, head to my Instagram stories for all things island life and investment info. A highlights tab has been created if you missed anything.

This island’s motto is “Go Slow”. So from me, the ocean breeze and my little car-less island… go slow (even if just for a minute). We’ve earned it!

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