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Realtors are FREE!

No matter who you work with, realtors for buyers and renters are free. We know you'll have to fork over some cash to get your dream home, no sense in having to pay me to find it. 

Online property searches

Everyone loves to search online for properties. It's fun and the online dating version of house hunting. I've got an app to help you search but feel free to continue window shopping on your favorite sites. Although those sites are not always up to date and accurate, they are great for beginners and a good way to get your feet wet. Once you're ready to get the ball rolling, we'll get you set up on the MLS - the only authorized and official site for all home sales and rents.

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Off market finds

The Chicago (and surrounding areas) market can be rough at times. Inventory can be low and makes it hard to find what you are looking for quickly. This is why off market searches are IMPERATIVE. This allows us to search for properties among realtors that know they will have things coming up, but are not on the market yet. This is how we find properties before everyone else! 

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The @properties way!

The benefit to being in the @properties family is huge but one of the best advantages for buyers and renters in our "in house" app. @properties has the highest market share of real estate transactions in the city of Chicago. What does this mean for you?

It means, the most transactions in the city are done by @properties agents. So our app has all our properties before they come on the market. Meaning - we can find your home, faster, cheaper and with much less competition from others.



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